Tuesday, December 9

I have a 3 month old

Seriously, already? I can't believe how fast she's growing up compared to how long pregnancy felt. She is one of the best things that ever happened to me. She gives me purpose and makes my life feel so rich. I can't believe how many hours I can sit and chat with her during her nonstop talk sessions and take video after video and it never gets old.

Last week we celebrated 3 months by finally taking family photos...and by that I mean we borrowed my friends tripod and headed to Wheeler Farm so that we at least have something to send out for Christmas.

At 3 months Lyla May:
is chatty as ever and we looooove that voice
can scream like nobody's business
has huge personality
almost giggles
can stare at things for hours, apparently everything in the world is so fascinating
always clasps her hands together -always!
is growing like crazy and has a ferocious appetite for how long and skinny she is. (At this rate I figure the waist on her 3 month jeans will fit her at 6 months but the length will be like shorts...)

We love you Missy May!

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