Thursday, August 21

Sisters Retreat: Logan Style

Since three of us Bird girls now live in Utah, we decided to have a monthly sister's retreat. We take turns hosting them, and the first one was hosted by Kaloni in Logan last weekend. It was so much fun, I just love my sisters. This one included some of the husbands, too, because grad school hadn't started for Kyle yet and summer term was over for Hunter. Kelly couldn't come, he had already made plans based on our original plan thats this was just a girl thing so he had tickets to the demolition derby in Spanish Fork. Which he seriously loved.

Kaloni planned tons of fun things, like visiting every factory in town, which was awesome. We went to Pepperidge Farms first, but of course the day we were there, they were closed for bug spraying. So off we went to the Fat Boy factory, which was basically a dream come true. Did you know you can buy a box of 50 fat boys for 10 bucks? Yeah, we didn't know that either, but you can be sure we bought a box. 
Next we hit up Gossner's Cheese Factory, which was bomb. We sampled all the cheeses and spreads, and may have left with some jalapeƱo cheese spread because, well I just couldn't leave without it, could I? We stayed here for a surprisingly long time....cause the food was good. And there was tons to play with, like these antlers, apparently:)

Then it got competitive at the most beautiful mini golf course. And it was so cheap! Six dollars and they basically let you play as many games as you went. Granted, it was a trillion degrees and I was dying by the end of 18 holes so we went to AW and got great food instead of playing anymore. Kyle dominated all of us. I lost. Or came in almost last anyways. That's my job in mini golf, losing. For some reason I still love it!
Thanks for the great weekend, girlies:)


  1. They are ice cream on a stick, dipped in chocolate and nuts. Hence=fat boy. You get nice and fat when you eat them, haha

  2. I'm so glad jenny still stays in touch. Yu loved that family and they were so good to you.

  3. Wow I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU'LL BE DOING THIS MONTHLY!! Hey everyone I'm there awesome sister too just in case anyone is wondering, If you plan to do this every single you month you best be planning to carry around a life size of me! and taking pictures of me everywhere you guys go! ..... Looked fun

    1. Whitty, we'll be sure to carry around a picture of you with us at all future retreats...solemnly swear! And guess what, you'll take Nikelle's place at the November one since you and Loni will be here for Thanksgiving! Although maybe the Nov one is in Logan....hmmm


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