Monday, July 14

Bumpdate: 32 weeks

With just 8 weeks to go now, I think I can say I have officially entered "nesting" stage, but since my apartment is a mess with the move coming up, you can't really tell. I've just been going crazy painting and finishing projects that I've wanted to do forever but lacked the time, energy and motivation to actually do. Its crazy what a move and pregnancy can do in the motivation department. All I have to do is visualize moving into our new place with none of these projects done (hence - her room would look atrocious) and I get motivated all over again. I am so grateful for summers off so that I have time to do all of this, otherwise she would never have a nursery. Hopefully when we move, all the projects are done so that I can set her room up and make it perfect just in time for her arrival. Barely. Whew - we're cutting it kind of close!  Granted I'm not planning on her showing up till about September 13th (I'm due on the 6th). Four of the five of us were late for my mom and first pregnancies are most likely to be late... so I guess if she comes late then we're not cutting it quite so close with the move and everything.

Feeling: Fabulous! I feel really great. Though, I can tell I waddle a tiny bit after a hard work out - all the cartilage and ligaments in my body get relaxed after I stretch. It goes away pretty fast, though.
Eating: Fruit: In any form. Dried fruit, smoothies, whole fruit. Its all going down. I have been especially fond of nectarines and cherries lately. Mmm.
Hating: The heat, once again, but finding reprieves in the river floats with my family:)
Loving: That I still have so much energy and motivation to get things done. I need to have it since there is so much to do so I hope its here to stay! I had a couple weeks of really low energy around 27-30 weeks but they went away pretty fast and I'm back to normal. I think exercising helps a ton though. My sister-in-law and I work out every morning at 7 together and its been a lifesaver for my energy levels. So many morning I don't want to get up and going but I never regret it!
Wearing: Nasty grungy clothes because I've been painting for 2 weeks straight. So far I've done two dressers, a crib, and my kitchen chairs. I still need to do the mirror that goes above Kelly's dresser and one then one more dresser. Then I'm never painting for the rest of my life. Ever. (Though it is hard work, I'm super ridiculously happy at how transformed my spaces look by redoing a few key pieces of furniture. So much better -well, cheaper!- than going out and buying all new stuff.)
Rings: On
Stretch marks? Nope. We'll see how long that lasts. I feel great and everything, but when I see pictures, I think I quite resemble a whale that has legs and can stand up...
Total Weight gain: 16 pounds

And now for you enjoyment, Kelly, imitating me. Though I'm not sure what the face is....

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