Monday, June 30

Bumpdate: 30 weeks

Well time is sure flying by, though it feels as if I will just be pregnant forever and maybe thats a good thing, as I am still far from being prepared for her arrival. I am sure once we move (did I tell you we're moving to salt lake? More on that tomorrow)  I will start feeling a lot better about everything because I can actually start setting up her nursery whereas now we are in the packing, sorting and de-junking stages of moving. Only 3 weeks till we leave! Which is also a little stressful because we haven't picked out an apartment in Salt Lake yet. We are going down on Wednesday and staying for the Holiday weekend to look for a place. Hopefully we find what we are looking for - wish us luck!

30 weeks

Feeling: Pretty amazing, considering. I still sleep great, exercise like normal (though I can't tell by looking at me) and of course feel my little girl all the time. I have a long torso so I don't stick out a mile but I feel like she must enjoy laying sideways and its making me wider, which isn't my favorite. Also she still hasn't hurt my ribs. Which is awesome.
Eating: Smoothies smoothes smoothies. I spent a week at home in WA and my mom sent me home with tons of frozen fruit from her yard. I may be going  a little crazy on it.
Hating: How hot its been. I feel like a furnace.
Loving: That its been so easy for me so far. I feel so blessed. No sickness, very little aches or pains, and plenty of good sleep.
Wearing: Dresses dresses dresses. About every single day.
Rings: On.
Weight gain: 14 pounds. (As of my last appointment 2 weeks ago. We'll see where I am in 2 weeks at my next one)

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