Wednesday, October 2

PART III of Conrad's Summer Adventures: Enjoying Capitola

As Autumn is now upon us, I suppose I should get on the ball and finish the 'Conrad Summer Adventures' series. Since the school year started back up in August and work has been insanely busy I have completely neglected the blog, much to chagrin of my mother, as I probably win the world's worst daughter award in terms of how often I call home. Which would be.... never. I fail. So sorry.

But no worries! I shall make up for it this week at least! However I make no promises that I wont fall of the edge of the blogopshere next week when spud harvest (welcome to Idaho) ends and school resumes once more.

On Thursday,  the day before the wedding of little brother to Mer,  we took the liberty of full fledged relaxation. We explored Capitola, enjoyed the beach, played some frisbee, and ate phenomenal food of course.
We found this amazing little walkway behind the houses that lined the river, and the river  ran straight to the beach so obviously I was quite envious of these little abodes. 
I may or may not have wanted about 20 of these hats.

Stay tuned for the final edition, PART IV of the series tomorrow which is Layton and Mer's Party of a wedding!

Till then!

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