Monday, October 7

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This weekend was General Conference! Which is only the most fabulous weekend of all time.  You probably saw the hashtag #ldsconf all over the place this weekend. Ya, thats for conference, woot woot!

GC happens every April and October, is where the prophet his two counselors and 12 apostles, as well as other church leaders, speak in a world wide broadcast. The messages are inspired and exactly what the Lord would have us know for this day and age. Some wonder why we have a prophet. And for that I have one simple answer. God does not leave His children alone to wander in this world, and He is the same yesterday today and tomorrow. If he had a prophet anciently, you cab bet your bottom dollar He has one in the modern days to lead and guide His children back to Him, and how grateful I am for it!

We watched conference Saturday morning with brother Layton, Kyle and Kaloni, and friends Madeline and Tyler. We ate amazing food (Kaloni makes the best cinnamon rolls of all time, folks) and soaked in the messages. I am already ready to listen to them again! There is so much packed into to those messages, I could study for them for ages.

In between sessions on Saturday we went to the park and threw a little frisbee. It was beautiful and fallish and heaven-like.

Saturday night we had a girls night while the men folk went to priesthood session. And we made cupycakes of course, which were amazing and beautiful. (Chocolate raspberry won, hands down)

Sunday we watched conference at the church so that we would remember that it was sabbath, and also for a reason to get dressed for the day, because lets be honest, otherwise I lounge around in sweats all day..which no one prefers.

Sunday night we had dinner and a game night with our  friends Jenny and Michael. We played Clue, which is my most favorite game of all time ever, followed by scum, which is my second most favorite game of all time. And we ate apple crisp, made with apples form the orchard, so obviously, our weekend was amazing.

Ta ta friends!

Stay tuned to hear about me taking my environmental science class on  a field trip today to Harriman State Park where we rode horses all day, bugeled elk, and talked ecology.

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