Monday, August 12

Are there even words?

Not really.
But I shall try.

My baby sis got married on Saturday. She's in San Diego now. 
Mrs. Udall. No longer a Bird. 

I gained one awesome brother, though, that's for sure.

She wanted a garden party and that's what she got. 
I was lovely, buuuut.....even though we live in the the desert of Washington state, a dry arid place...her reception just happened to to fall on the week where we have 60% humidity, 30% chance of rain, and guaranteed thunderstorms and wind. Luckily God is good. It was beautiful all day for the luncheon and then the temple sealing. It did rain a little bit while we were doing the ring ceremony, but we were all seated under canopies so we were dry. Then right as the ceremony ended, it quit! And we were dry and happy, (if not sticky from humidity) for the rest of the evening. Then right as Kaloni was changing to depart, the winds tore in and the they were off through a tunnel of long lasting sparklers and love! 

Congrats Mr and Mrs Udall!!


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