Thursday, July 25

Anne graduated!!

Anne, Alyson and I were the best of friends of high school. Anne moved to town during her sophomore and my junior (I think)...year of school and the three of us quickly became inseparable. We all came to BYU-I but have all done things at our own pace. Anne is a year below Alyson and I in school as the youngest of the three, and as such has watched as Alyson and I have graduated and become employed, etc. Now its her turn! She graduated lots fast than me, I took a year a and half off in the middle of college and then came back and changed my major!

Tuesday was a big day for her. She went to the temple that morning for the first time, which us Mormon folks know is a big deal, and then graduated in Sociology that night, and then moved to Utah right after. Phew! busy busy busy. Alyson came up from Orem for the events and it was so fun to have all three of us together again.

Congrats Anne!
We love you!

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