Friday, June 14

life is frustrating sometimes

After a couple of cry-your-eyes moments this week, a super stressful few days, and problems with Kelly's body, I can now calmly say, or write, that this last week's been a little interesting. In addition to stuff I've been doing, worrying about, etc., Kelly decided to start having heart palpitations, passing out, hyperventilating. . .you know, no biggie. So we finally headed over to the urgent care to see what's up. We were pretty sure it was stress induced, but we figured better safe than sorry. They decided to do an EKG and then go from there. They got him all hooked up, ran the test the three times, and then, because of abnormalities that showed up in his test, sent us to Emergency Room, our second home. Yay.

They hooked him up, did more tests, and then decided to hook him up to probes that he will keep on him for the next two days. They gave him some meds to take to when the symptoms occur. They agree with us, they think he has anxiety, and with everything going on life right for now, I am not surprised. But they have to run all the junk to make sure....just in case. So he came home with all these probes on him and we were kind of depressed.  But we had to think happy thoughts, cause when we think of all the stuff we have to do and blah blah blah, the heart palpitations come back. So here we are, doing de-stress techniques and listening to soothing stuff. 

Just another normal week at the Conrads....


  1. Hope everything goes well. We miss you guys! If you ever need a vacation to lessen that anxiety your welcome in sunny Tennessee.

    Scott Soule

  2. Sending prayers your way. xoxo

  3. We love you both so much. You both set such a high bar for the rest of our family and serve and bless us. We hope we can lighten your burdens sometimes too. Don,t worry about the shower etc. we can work,out other things. Take it one moment at a time. Remember Christ is I AM not I was, or I Will Be. Live in the now.


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