Monday, May 27

The longest post on camping since ever

To jump start our Memorial Day Weekend and to get it started off right,  Friday afternoon Whitney, Austin, Kelly and I loaded up our camping gear and were off to Steadman Ranch for a little camping trip with the extended family of my mom's side. We have family reunions every summer but with two of my siblings getting married in August, the reunion was cancelled so people could try to make it to weddings. BUT, my family being as awesome as it is, always needs a good reason to party a little more, so this trip was born. The place has a zipline and an awesome slip and slide and a pond and a shooting range and a candy cannon (yep) and is surrounded by the most beautiful farm land. Friday was sunny and nice we thoroughly enjoyed running around with all the little cousins and going a little cray cray. BUT... as all good things must come to end (or something?) the winds blew in, and we froze to death. Quite literally. I am a zombie as I type this, for a matter of fact. 

As you can see from above Saturday was fa-reeeeezing. Good thing we were smart and brought our winter clothes. Cause seriously I wore almost all of clothes to bed Friday night. Also, on a side note, the valve on our air mattress broke so about one hour into the night we were laying on the ground. Also, the teenage boys were in the tent next to ours and Preston was quite entertaining to Drew and Zach and whoever else was in that tent. I don't think he stopped talking all night. I would know. Cause I never fell alseep (I've got a nasty cold now to prove the lack of sleep and iceburg conditions). But you got to love him, because ten years ago it was me and the girls who were doing it!
Saturday we all went a little hog wild on the zip line. Austin even brought his Go Pro camera and strapped it to his head while he and Kelly went down at the same time spinning around and doing stunts all the way down. Kyra and Melly were scared (so was I at first, lets be honest) but they both artfully mastered the skill. It was waaaay to cold to turn the water on for the 700 foot slip and slide, but it turns out you don't need water for that slide to be awesome. (Penguin sliding, anyone?)

On Saturday we celebrated Lexi's 12th birthday. We sang about 20 times cause that's how we roll and then launched eight pounds of candy out of the candy cannon. (Sounds like a real cannon by they way. Who woulda thought?) Then we played tug-a-war, grandkids against aunt and uncles, which isn't really fair, cause whit, austin, kelly and I all got to be on the grandkid side. So obviously we dominated. Then four of then switched sides to it was adults against kids, and of course we dominated. The four of us are cool like that.
My Grandma even did the zip line!

I am so blessed. I am surrounded by the most amazing, supportive, hilarious group of aunts, uncles and cousins, and and an amazing set of grandparents (Look at my zip-lining grandmother go!) all of whom go to great lengths to stay connected to one another. I am glad I am a part of it. 

Here's to you Browning Clan!


  1. This made me miss everyone so much. So grateful for family. And that you make the effort to get together. Thanks for sharing Tiahna!

  2. Oh! I Love this! It made me chuckle...(great photos!). made me feel like I was there! And feel incredible grateful. AGAIN, to be part of such a family. Ths guys for making the effort to be there.

  3. Saturday did finally warm up enough that we all set our coats aside, turned the water on for the water slide and started sliding away. Most everyone that was still here gave it a try. It was fun. Thanks for coming and sharing your photos.

  4. thank you birds for coming you are great big cousins and made it so fun to be with you. Thanks for snuggling my baby's we love you all ton's and ton's.

  5. IT WAS G R E A T, and guess what we get to go again with our YSA ward family and 3 other wards Tue 11th of June. Thanks for the pictures Tianha, Love you all and the memories. Oh she is an AAAAA some Grandma isn't she. ;-)


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