Monday, April 8

A lovely conference weekend and day spent in the rain

Wasn't this weekend simply lovely? Friday was a date night to celebrate my new job for my next school year which I went on and on (and on and on and on) about last time. Sorry folks, it really was a novel, but well I am in charge anyways, right? Right. Since it was my celebration it meant Chinese for dinner, because well that's just what I like. This was followed my seeing Safe Haven, which I actually rather enjoyed except for that one part where she invites him in to 'check out her floors.' ahem. (Also, even though her husband is a scum, she's still married. So that shouldn't have happened. And he didn't even seem phased that she was married when he found out. What? Had a hard time with that one...)

Also, it was General Conference Weekend for us Conrads, which is basically a holiday around here. Feel free to check out the awesomeness, you can even watch it here. We loved it all, and I walked away with knowing I need to be a light in a dark world, and to be firm in the faith. Amen and hallelujah!

In between session of conference on Saturday I met my bestie Chantelle downtown for a little fun in the rain. It turned into tons of fun and everything was so beautiful with the clouds, the mist, the blossoms and the rain.

I love my weekends, but now its back the grind.  Happy Monday everyone!

Also, stay safe in the wind. We have a wind warning for gusts up to 50 mph over here.
Yikes a B!
(I dare you to name that movie...)

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