Monday, October 22

An undocumented weekend

Out of our whole weekend full of awesome-ness these are the only pictures (lame ones) we have of it. This was due to me going to said awesome-ness with a camera sans camera card. Repeatedly. 

Regardless of its undocumented-ness, our weekend included the haunted straw maze with friends Bryson and Kelsey, which was slightly terrifying, but where we got to see a two humped camel and a baby wallaby, which was slightly awesome.

Saturday was homework and cooking before we were off to a 'Seven Brides for Seven Brothers' Party where we wore flannel, ate stew and cinnamon rolls and cider and basically loved it.

Sunday brought perfect church meetings, and dinner with friend Jenna. That was followed by a fun Fall photo-shoot (coming tomorrow) with Beau and Lindee and then a 'Sound of Music Party, boring pics featured above.

Today we voted as our pre-debate work out.

Bring it.

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