Monday, September 24

this weekend was full of...

This weekend was full of:
-Mormon Tabernacle Choir concerts, ("America's Choir," as president Ronald Reagan called them) 
-Training at Badger Creek, (the Church's 200 acre property by Tetonia, ID) to be leaders at Outdoor Discovery next week (everyone in town should sign up by the way, its going to be A-mazing!)
-Homemade pizza night with the Bird kids and entourage. Best pizza in the world, and so much fun. 
-An amazing tri-stake conference at church where two members of the seventy were present and created a new stake.
-Party at the apple orchard where we picked ten different varieties of apples and then made the above beauty out of it. (I found the recipe on Pinterest, and it took for-e-ver. Oh and ps, it was only alright. Don't think I would make it again.)

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  1. Beautiful life with beautiful people. Thanks for the pics of "he who must not be named". :). Loves


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