Friday, September 28

on football and family and friday

 Kelly...what the creeper....?

It's fall and friday so I decided to talk a little about football. Sort of.

It's no secret that ALL 5 BIRD KIDS are at BYU-I this semester. We're sorta cool, and we may or may not make an impression, (a scene...) wherever we go.

Well the other night we all ventured out to cheer on friend Danny and his team as they competed in the dangerous art of flag football. They dominated. Kaloni brought Oreos and we all ate them and then remembered she brought them for Danny We brought Danny Oreos for a victory present, cause I mean, we all knew they couldn't loose with him on their side.

Isn't family the best? Built in friends! No worries though, we are a non exclusive club and have many honorary Bird siblings as well. 

Send in your applications.

*This message has been approved by your neighborhood Bird Family

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  1. Love knowing y ou are "non exclusive". Love those photos of everyone. (Except where were Nikelle and Layton!???). That photo of you Nd Kelly is so cute. And by the way, dad and I had our own "family and friends " party last night complete with fire cookout in the. Lovely autumn air, and good music.....ahhhh. I love Fridays too, and family, and friends and home.


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