Monday, September 17

10 Things from the Weekend


1. Watched the Dark Knight Rises with free movie tickets from Nate and Al. Thanks guys!
2. Made pumpkin waffles with apple sider syrup for breakfast. Divine.
3. Went to Rexburg Unplugged with the sisters and Austin and brother Layton. Listend to the bands and wandered the booths
4. Got free English muffins. Don't quite know why they were handing those out...
5. Won a bag of groceries from Albertson. They asked trivia questions, and Kelly got one right. (What is the only liquid that isn't wet? -Mercury)
6. Got froyo from Kiwi Loco
7. Went to the Taco Bus for dinner. Kelly had never been. 
8. Watched this awkward couple make out right outside the taco bus. I'll spare you the deets on that one...
9. Tried to decide what we should be for Halloween, Kelly voted batman and cat woman, but I don't know if I am sold on that one...I am still taking ideas. Please give me a better one than black spandex and ears....
10. Had 'Do our Nails Sunday' with little sister. It's becoming quite the tradition around here

What did you do?

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  1. Well......we visited Randy and Cyndi in VERY smoky Wenatchee ( you seriously could not see the house across the street from all the smoke from forest fires!)we helped dry pears and ate yummy soup, and then left with 3 big bags/boxes of fruit to take home. But first we went to Leavenworth for the weekend to an AMAZING B&B gifted to us from a very generous kind ward member. Truly the nicest place and weekend I ever remember having. (check out the All seasons River Inn and you can't beat the evergreen. A restful and romantic weekend. Heavenly.


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