Wednesday, August 8

on workouts

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This is where I run when I am back in Washington for summers. I have said it before, but it's true, I love running. It is soothing, even when it's hard, and it's enjoyable because my sisters and I talk the whole time and laugh and even complain. We all work long days and live in different apts/houses during the summer, so meeting up in the early morning is often the only time we see eachother during the day.

I have learned to really enjoy a good ache in the muscles and strong pumps of the arms. I must admit the early morning heat is getting a bit old, though. Good heavens its been so humid and roasty toasty this week that yesterday's Tai Bo its' true!! in the basement was a nice repreive!

Since we're on the subject, isn't Tai Bo awesome? I think so. It's funny to watch the people in the back and see how normal everyone is, and it's also awesome to do it with your sister and make fun of how cool eachother look while punching and round housing all about the room.

 We're hardcore, us Bird girls.

Now, go google The Firm. You'll get a real kick out of the outfits those crazies work back in the day. But don't be deceived. They are hardcore, too.

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