Thursday, August 30

My Kelly

taken while sitting in the office of the radiation oncologist. who's happy for cancer!

I love this man
His name is David Kelly Conrad
We learned he had cancer on August 2nd 2010
He had surgery to remove the tumor on August 11th 2010
He became my husband on December 28th 2010
We learned his cancer might be back on August 29th 2012
He has a CT led biopsy in September.
So we'll see.

PS. He's asymptomatic, we're not scared, it's a super easy cancer to cure with chemo, we just want to be able to have kiddos!!


  1. oh my gosh, tiahna, i had no idea! you and kelly will be in my prayers...

  2. I am so sorry to hear that!! I love Your Kelley too! Ok, maybe not in the same way, but we were his first member dinner on his mission in AR and I knew instantly that he was going to be GREAT, on and off his mission!! And i don't know you, Tiahna, but you seem like an absolute joy to be around!! You both will be in our prayers most definitely!! Please keep us posted!

  3. you two are amazing!!! always so positive- even when faced with such big trials. you guys are the best. and the best examples. we're so lucky to know you! you'll be in our prayers.


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