Thursday, August 2

if you find yourself in eastern idaho...

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I know that eastern Idaho is on everyone's destination wish list right about now. Right? Right. So when you go there or get lost there on your way to somewhere else that seems more important, take some time to see these. You wont regret it. And lets be honest, whatever brings you to eastern idaho probably wont bring you back for a long time, so just get all the good stuff in. K?

Bearworld, its kind of insane.
The ice caves but only in the summer.
In the winter go cross country skiing at Hariman State Park,
and downhill skiing at Targhee.
Go to Mesa Falls and try to not jump in, then go camping there while your at it..
Since it's close, go to Jackson Hole and hike to the natural hot springs
 and celebrity watch in town
 and go to that little hole in the wall burger place....
Go mountain biking at Kelly Canyon
Take a walk along the train tracks until you run our of track.
Go cliff jumping or fishing at Ririe Reservior
Go to the sand dunes and egan lake.
Go four byin', kayak, set up a massive water slide, play water volleyball, skinny dip, (what?) you know, the norm. 

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