Thursday, July 5

What I Love about Independence Day

I love this holy day. I love all that it stands for. I love that there were men and women willing to fight for what they believed in and knew was the will of God. I love that they knew and acknowledged God's hand in their lives and they didn't deny it in the face of opposition. I love that despite great odds, they came off conquerer with God on their side. I love that they helped God established a nation to be proud of and revered. 

I love that at the parade yesterday there was a float with men dressed up like the founding fathers, and instead of throwing out candy, handed out copies of the constitution (I am reading it) and flags. I love that, because we have the freedoms we do, in the parade there were men dressed up like Mitt Romney and president Obama and they were boxing, and president Obama got knocked out, and the whole town cheered! In what other country would that be allowed? I know that,  normally, having the president represented in the Independence Day parade would be quite fitting, but under these presidential circumstances, not so much. Especially when the Affordable Care Act, which takes away so many rights and is frankly unconstitutional, was passed just days before. 
How ironic.

 I love that, to celebrate, we were able to go wherever we wanted to go yesterday. 
No papers needed to cross state lines. 
Free to go or stay.
 Travel, or not. 

On a lighter note, we stayed. We went on an adventure though and found a little dirt road leading to a dead end next to the river, and we followed the walking trail to the end, where it walked right down to the river. There was a little island not far away and we decided to haul our BBQ materials, including the grill, chairs, tubes, food, etc., on over. So we did. The water was freezing, but it turned out great and worked well for keeping watermelon, cantaloupe and root beer nice and cold. We had a great time eating, tubing, tanning and talking. 

Hope yours was equally awesome and that you are grateful for the freedoms we possess and are willing to stand up to defend them!

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  1. AMEN! I'll tell you about ours when I have time.
    Dad and I are so proud of you.


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