Monday, July 30

fridays are good for dates with lovers

Ok, so as you all know, Fridays are the best. The. Best. Yep. I work at an incredibly dull job that I can easily make sound important. But don't be fooled. It's not. It's very boring. I love my coworkers, but really, I just count the minutes till Friday so I can have time with mister conrad and do something worthwhile, you know cause making money's not worthwhile?

So this last Friday, after a particularly slow week, I was ready for something fun yet chill. I just wanted to spend time with the man you know? Not caring particularly about what we did, but knowing that if we didn't plan, yes, actually p-l-a-n, then we would end up doing nothing. which is worse than work. Oh, wait, not it's not.

So plan I did. I am probably not the world's most amazing fun-time planner. So this is what we did.

1. Dinner at Fat Olives, one of my favorite restaurants in town. I guess I don't know exactly how to classify it, as they sell amazing gourmet pizza, but also fab sandwiches and fancy desserts. So who knows? *Probably lots of people...

2. Took a successful gander * is that a word anymore?  around Target and we managed not to leave with the whole store in tow. I've learned it doesn't fit very well in a car.

3. Went treat shopping out of the bulk bins at winco. sshh. Super lame maybe, but also maybe the best way to go? We can pick different things, and get as little or as much as we want. Perfection, dare I say?

4.  Spread our bulk bin treasures of raspberry/cherry/blueberry yogurt dipped pretzels and peanuts across our bed and snuggled down to enjoy the classic You've Got Mail. 

A super successful Friday for these here Conrads.

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  1. Sounds like a nice varied and affordable date to me! I love that you are so consistent making time for each other each week. Thanks for setting a good example for your old parents, and everyone else!


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