Monday, June 4


This post is dedicated to my baby sister Kaloni. She turned 18 on May 31st and graduated from high school June 1st. My parents have gotten officially old. No kids in high school. No more "after school" time. No more after-school chores or snacks. Just big kids who really miss that after-school chore and snack. Where have our lives gone?

Well Kaloni, here's just a little bit of where your life has been. A few cherished memories from the past few years. I love you lon!!!!!!

we look like we might be able to actually surf in this pic. HAHA
Who made us go to San diego at 6:00 am?!
Us Bird girls are awesome bike riders
Oh, the stuffing-our-faces-with-subway-after-practice days
We were pretty stealth Ninjas that time you came to visit me in '09...
Um. Can I just remind you of how stoked your were to take this pic in San Fran next to the HS from Princess Diaries? 
Glad your choosing college and not weed
Our family is hot, especially you. the end.
Thanks for getting this book for me for my wedding. BAHAHA
Probably the best date you ever had
You were the coolest and most beautiful Junior princess ever
Oh Gracie Lou Freebush and your long boarding shenanigans. 

Happy Birthday and Graduation Lonsaroo! I love you!


  1. Tiahna, your blog just keeps on getting better and better. What a sweet tribute to your sister. Several of the photos I had not even seen before. Thanks for sharing. She came home a bit today with Calvin and is so cute with him... so dedicated and worried when he is fussy. She is a good person. (AND so are you and each of your wonderful siblings.) I love you.

  2. This makes me feel so special. I've never been the high light of someones blog before. I love you sis.


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