Tuesday, May 22

Sunday Walk

 I love Sundays because...

1. We get to go to church
2. We go on walks
3. We have spectacular game nights with friends
4. I have time to cook something fabulous
5. I get to see my sisters
6. Sometimes I remember to call my mom....but not usually (sorry mom)
7. I get to see all my friend's babies
8. Did I mention walks?


  1. It was nice to chat the other day. We are so happy for the good things you each are doing. Love the photos. I know Kelly didn't take them all. Who did? It's been a cloudy rainy and breezy week this week. I haven't minded as I have been sewing a lot, but I do hope it is nice when Nikelle is here. I love love love the Sabbath too. So sad not everyone takes advantage of it's blessings eh. I don't know how others live without it.

    Love you both,

  2. we set the camera on the ground;)


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