Sunday, January 15

Such is the Life of a College Student

Its been ten days. I am such a failure. But such is the life of a college student. This semester is an extremely hard one. But I am surviving. I start teaching a six week curriculum in a local middle school this week. So I better get my teaching hat on and start acting like one. Cause honestly, I am terrified! This is super hard to juggle while taking my regular content classes like Genetics and Molecular Biology. The Mister is taking a full load of accounting and economics and taking it like a champ. He is so smart. Love him.

Tonight was dinner and game night at the Conrad house. We had my cousin Kenra, the fab blogger and connoisseur of all things hilarious and awkward, (check her out here) and her wonderful bf Mike over, (he's great by the way). We also had our good friends Brad and Megan over. Later we made a party of playing Ticket to Ride. I love that game, and its what solidified my forever friendship with Mike, he loves it too. Bring it on. We are going to have to make this a weekly ritual. 

Now we are cuddling and listening to Dr Laura Schlessinger's Proper Care and Feeding of Husband's. 
I read this book before I got married, but now the Mister is interested in what it says, and its a good reminder for me. So I am going to leave you and go take care of my man.

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  1. Wow that sunset is a beauty! Did you take the photo? Tell me about Mike and Kenra. I miss that family so much. We had a blast at Randy and Cyndi's.... in fact it was hard to come home. But we have spent a great day, reorganizing,a trip to Good will, and prepping for paint.

    You'll never believe what was on our door step when we came home... call me and I'll tell.

    Hugs. Love you guys so much. I think of you every time I crawl in bed and see my beautiful head board. LOVE IT!


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