Monday, January 2

New Years Resolutions

So. Moving in was rough. Last year at school we lived in 1200 sq ft place. This year we are down to 400. (But we're so close to everything we don't have to drive! woot woot). We had a lot of stuff to fit that little space. So we dejunked. And hauled a lot of loads to the D.I. And took some breaks to rest. But we did it! And here we are. Back in Rexburg for another glorious year of school. And guess what?! There is no snow, and its not even cold! I don't know where I am exactly, but it doesn't feel like the Rexburg I know and have come to love. Where is the negative bajillion degree weather? I don't know, but I know its missing, and I am stoked!

Moving on. Happy New Year! Isn't 2012 going to be great? The Mister and I think so, and here's why. We have decided to:

Be Healthy: We are already pretty healthy, especially the Mister, but we are starting to eat only food that is in season. The only food we will eat that is not in season is food my Mother dearest and I preserved this summer and fall. Such as: apple sauce, salsa, sweet and sour sauce, and some veggies and relish. Other than that-its out. I make my own bread, and that is still definitely allowed. Some people think that you can't eat anything "in season" in the winter because nothing grows. This is false. Ever heard of a winter garden? Potatoes and onions grow. Booyah. So we can eat those, too. We are also eliminating meat from our diet. Not because we want to be vegetarians, but because I know the meat I eat does not come from animals that lived happy, healthy lives on the farm. So we only want to eat meat that came from healthy happy animals. So for now, we bought meat subsitutes. Should be interesting since I have never used them and don't know how to cook with them, and don't even know if they taste good. So I've got a thing or two to learn.

Stick to a Budget: We have tried a lot of budgets, but we have had a hard time sticking to one. So this year, we are going all out. We are doing the envelope system. You decided how much money will be alloted for each catagory in the month (rent, groceries, household, gas, etc) and get that much money in cash. You put them in each in an envelope and label it. You can go by the week or by the month. Then you only use cash. We were not excited about this, because we don't like using and carrying cash. But we are trying it. The Mister is an Accounting major, so he has some smart program on the computer that he has designed to plug in the numbers and track our spending. I will let you know how it works.

Happy New Year! What are your New Years Resolutions?

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  1. So what all got 'dejunked'? We are happily dejunking here too. And doing repairs of everything from journals to walls. Dad and I bought paint and screws yesterday and he has part of the trim up, and I will pain this week. It feels good doesn't it to simplify.

    Good luck in school, and with all your resolutions. We love you.


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