Saturday, December 17

DIY Saturday: Kitchen Edition


In January last year, we painted our apartment. It was a dull white with the fire place wall being blue. We weren’t exactly fans, and our landlord let us paint. So we went to Home Depot (typical date night for us...haha) and got yellow and a burnt sienna color and a brown. The main walls are yellow, the fireplace wall is the rusty sienna, and the trim is brown. Lots of friends helped, especially AlysonJ Our little basement has come a long way. It didn’t look good in the process, but we are happy with how it turned out!

Then it was on to the kitchen. We ripped up the carpet, put in a tongue and groove wood floor, Kelly wired in the plumbing. We bought counter tops and a sink from a lady selling them online for $100 total. Then we found a guy giving away a stove! Bring it on. Then we bought a fridge off of Craig’s lists for $40. We are awesome. We got cabinets on a big sale at home depot, and shelving. Check it out!! The Mister is the best plumber, electrician, framer, fix it guy, accounting student I know! -Oh ya, He also had knee surgery during this, and got staph infection it, and got hooked up to a picc line for three works during this time. He is a serious stud for still working on this huge project with me. Love him forever.

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