Monday, September 2

Congrats to the newest Conrads!

(Photo by Tiffany Conrad Anderson)

 These two lovelies got married last week. I could not be there because I am a high school science teacher and missing the first week of school isn't really acceptable if you know what I mean. Luckily, Kelly was able to be there, which is a real good thing cause its his little brother and that would have been a cryin' shame. Although I couldn't be there with them on their big day, I did have the opportunity to photograph them a few months back. And we had a blast. Tyler and Nichole happened to come across the cutest little place when they were on a drive once, and we jumped at the chance to do pictures at a place that 567834659843 other people hadn't used yet. It's Rexburg, people. It turned out to be a landscape company's place. And it was quite deserted upon our arrival, which was fabulous, obviously.

 (Minus the weird lighting issue i got going on in the face area, I love this one of Nichole)

Congrats Tyler and Nichole Conrad! 
(Now have fun getting use to that, Nichole)

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